It’s natural to turn to products like 10 benzoyl peroxide when you have ongoing acne problems, but how can you know if that’s the right strength for your needs? Do a little research into the subject, and you’ll find out that there are typically three different concentrations of products like these to choose from; 2.5%, 4% and 10%. Finding the right level is simply a matter of trial and error. 

In this short article, we look at how to start using products like these. You can run into trouble if you use a product that’s too strong for your needs, but it’s easily avoided. 

Determining if You Need 10 Benzoyl Peroxide or Something Else

The strength of the benzoyl peroxide cleanser you need will first be indicated by your skin type. If yours is sensitive, then 10 benzoyl peroxide products will likely be a bit too much. That’s why it’s usually best to start lower and work upwards. 

Conversely, if you don’t have sensitive skin but do have more severe acne, a 2.5% product may not be strong enough – hence the need for trial and error. 

Signs You’re Using a Concentration That’s Too High

If you do start using something that’s too much for your skin type, it’s usually pretty obvious. Irritation is the first symptom, along with dryness, flaky skin and blistering in the worst cases. No one wants that to happen, obviously, which is why you should caution is the watchword. 

As such, your plan should go a little something like this:

  • Day #1 – Start Using an appropriate benzoyl peroxide product twice daily (morning and evening).
  • Day #4 – Continue using it if it’s not causing too much of a problem. A little dryness or redness (but not excessive) is to be expected, so don’t let it put you off. 
  • Day #7 – Continue using if mild dryness and irritation are occurring (it’s a sign it’s working), but if it’s too severe, try dropping down in concentration. If you’re already on the lowest concentration, drop the frequency from twice daily. 
  • Day #10 – By now, you should be starting to see a slight improvement and have a good idea of whether you’re using the right product. If you’re not seeing any difference at all and are not experiencing irritation, you might need to go up in concentration. 
  • Day #14 – By the end of week 2, you’re well on your way, and while you still may be getting zits, they should be less frequent and severe.

Choosing Between 10 Benzoyl Peroxide, 4% & 2.5%

So, what we’re saying is that caution is best and trial and error is the simplest way to find your level. Once you do, you’ll be free and clear to start properly on your route to clearer skin. Just be aware that it’s a gradual process and that you’ll have good days and bad. However, when you notice after a few weeks that your skin is looking way smoother, you’ll know it was all worth it. 

By Grace