Christmas is not only about exchanging gifts and celebrating with your close friends and family members. Food is one such thing that brings our loved ones together and creates magical moments in the festive season. If you are planning to throw a grand party on Christmas, then it can’t be completed by appetisers.

How about choosing portions to control food items that also contribute to the health of an individual? In this regard, we have listed amazing and nutritional-rich appetisers to surprise your guests on Christmas evening.

1] Vegetarian Spring Rolls

The healthy and nutrition-rich appetisers are vegetarian spring rolls that you can serve at your Christmas gathering. This lip-smacking figure food item is full of vegetables that are baked with mild oil, which is best for people who want to count calories. These crunchy rolls are easy to make and can be served in bulk with your guest’s favourite dips.

2] Christmas Cookies

Next comes the healthy Christmas cookies, which you can call a little bundle of joy in the form of appetisers. These cookies are baked with whole wheat grains and sweetened with natural sweeteners like maple syrup. You can send them as Christmas gifts online to a person who strictly follows their diet to stay fit.

3] Eggnog

Even beverages can be great appetisers that you can serve at Christmas gatherings or even New Year’s nights. Eggnog is such a healthy yet tasty beverage that is made by simply mixing egg and cream in milk and topping it with nutmeg and cinnamon. A glass of eggnog is enough to provide all the nutrients that are needed to maintain the health of an individual.

4] Christmas Pudding

When it comes to Christmas gatherings, you can’t leave Christmas pudding, which is made of 13 magical ingredients. These ingredients represent the blessings of Jesus and the 12 disciples of the bible that not only connect with spirituality but also provide essential nutritional benefits. So, this can be a great appetiser that seems only made for Christmas celebrations.

5] Cheese Grape appetisers

Next is the cheese grape appetisers for the people who don’t prefer sugary desserts on their diet. These small bites are big packets of nutrients that can serve every guest present at your Christmas gathering. The recipe is very simple; you just need to marinate the juicy grapes into cheese and serve it to your guests to provide nutritional benefits.

6] Healthy Vegetable Dip

If you are looking for healthy food items for your Christmas gathering, then what can be healthier than vegetables? To make nutritional-rich appetisers, opt for some crunchy vegetables and stay them with olives to add more nutrients. Now, you can serve it with your guest’s favourite dips and make your party worth remembering.

7] Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade

The time ready to make appetisers is a great way to serve your guests something hot and delicious on Christmas evening. A pepper tapenade is one of them that you need to simply fry or even bake and serve with dips or sauce. To make it more nutrition-rich, garnish with some herbs, fruits, and vegetables while making it more attractive.

8] Backed Crab Dip

The crab dips are easy to make and even look attractive to your guests while serving. You just need some crunchy veggies, Italian bread, and creamy cheese, which all provide a plethora of nutrients to the human body. Just mix all the vegetables into creamy cheese and pour in on the sliced bread. Leave it for 30 minutes to rest in the refrigerator, and serve it fresh as an appetiser.

9] Festive Meat Cheese Balls

Now, it is time to serve your guests’s personal cheese meatballs as an individual appetiser. These small bites are easy to make and can be served with cranberries or a tone of cheesy flavours as a dip.

10] Roasted Eggplant Spread

Roasted eggplant spread is a gluten-free, vegan appetiser that can paired with a can cracker on your table. The recipe is very simple; you just need smoky eggplant that is marinated with sweet red pepper and tangy tomato, and a single bite offers a blast of flavours.

11] Plum Cake

Who knows, it can also be an appetiser that you need to cut into small pieces, which can be served as a dessert at Christmas gatherings. Here, you can order Christmas cakes online containing plums, which can be a healthy and delicious serving for the guests available at your Christmas party.

12] Peer Pecan Cheese Balls

Last is the peer pecan cheese balls, which can be your most alluring treat at your Christmas gathering. These small bites are made of sweet pear mixed with cheddar cheese and coated with crunchy nuts that can be served with an array of party crackers.

Offer Nutritional Dense Appetisers On Christmas Evening

Christmas is a festival of sharing great meals with your loved ones and offering a bite of joy. Though you can keep a plethora of food items at your dessert table, appetisers are something that you must add to serve your guests a healthy bite. So, choose portion-controlled food for your loved ones and help maintain their fitness with these nutritionally rich food items.

By Grace