Divorce Settlements

A Better Way to End Marriage in UAE:

Divorce is an emotional process. It takes a toll on the couple when they decide to part their ways. We will be exploring through this article that how couples can separation is possible amicably. We will discuss a recent case to understand how couples in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can choose a peaceful path to end their marriage.

Recent developments in a case in the UAE:

In a recent case, a Non-Muslim couple in the UAE decided to end their long-term marriage. The couple faced a legal issue. One wanted to follow their home country’s laws, while the other chose the UAE Federal Personal Status Law. 

This law dilemma appears to be a complicated one. Even in such a stern and stressful situation, there is a way to find a peaceful resolution.

In 2022, the UAE has introduced a Federal Decree-law. The law will be effective early in the year 2023. Under the law, Non-Muslim couples are permitted to apply their own country’s laws. It is allowed for matters including marriage, divorce, inheritance, wills, and parentage if they wish.

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How the law functions in the UAE:

As per the law, Non-Muslim citizens of UAE can have their status governed by the law of their home country. It simply states that the Non-Muslim citizen can get a divorce as per the home country’s laws and regulations. They have to apply for the divorce by following the procedure.

In case, if the law of the home country doesn’t cover a certain issue, UAE law will be used to fill the gap. This means that UAE laws act as the backup. The laws where home country laws are silent over a specific matter, the UAE law is applicable.

Non-Muslims and expatriates enjoy the benefit of choosing between the UAE Law and their home country’s law. It is done to facilitate them as much as possible. Besides, it is applicable in case the couple decides to divorce. 

This has made their situation even more complex. However, under such scenarios, the well-being and betterment of the child are given the top most priority. 

Why Choose Settlement over Legal Battles in family-related cases:

Settlements are always preferred over legal battles especially when family matters are involved. It is the wisest choice. Whenever legal discrepancies arise in a divorce settlement, settlement is given the utmost importance. 

Settlements are a Speedy solution. To reach a mutual agreement, it is a matter of days or weeks. Whereas, legal battles take up more time. It may take months and even years to sort out the issues.

Settlements are less costly because, for a contested divorce, there are a lot of legal fees attached. The settlements are a cheaper option to move ahead with. Therefore, it exhausts less of your money and resources.

While doing the settlement, one can practice a control over divorce terms and conditions. Settlement can be decided mutually.

They may discuss matters such as child support, alimony, and asset division. The decision taken by the judge may not align with the parties’ needs and specifications. 

The settlements are stress-free and offer peace of mind. The legal battles are normally a source of agony, grief, and tension, and bring in more troubles. Furthermore, the settlement is a lucrative option to reduce conflicts. The legal battles make the relationship even worse as the spouse engages in a legal debacle.

Emotional Wellness is neglected in legal battles. In a contested divorce one becomes emotionally and mentally drained. It happens by engaging in the matters. Therefore, settling disputes amicably can reduce stress levels. Besides, it makes the transition to a new life more smoother after the process of divorce.

Settlement is a short and precise procedure. Whereas, the legal battle endures greater time and a lengthy legal process.

Advice for Those Contemplating Divorce in the UAE:

When you are stuck in such a situation, it is the time when the legal experts step in. It is highly recommended that a settlement takes place with the aid of a professional.

In Divorce, it is essential to handle the matter with the utmost care, respect, and attention. Therefore, seeking professional guidance and legal support is a good option. A well-versed and qualified family lawyer can assist in such situations. They can help in reaching a reasonable settlement where both parties agree.

An experienced family lawyer can provide Mediation among the spouses. Mediation is defined as a procedure where the neutral and independent third party aids the couple in reaching an amicable settlement.

Proposal Formulation is also supported. After several rounds of mediation, a proposal is crafted. The created proposal will cover all the financial matters along with the other useful matters including child visitation schedules. In this, the two parties must agree on the proposal. 

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