Consumer Loans

There are many different types of consumer loans that you could get. You could get loans to pay for homes, cars, remodeling projects, education, and anything else that you might think of. If there is a reason that you need extra money, there is a loan to get it. 

There are many types of lenders, as well. You should go to online lenders, banks, and credit unions to begin with. Many of these are very convenient and you will have money in your account by the end of the day in many cases. 

If you are having trouble finding a lender, you could always do an internet search. One place that you should go is billigeforbrukslåån to see what they have to offer. They usually have a variety of lenders that can help you.

This article will help you to learn more about the different types of loans that you could get. It will tell you a little about each type. You could also do more research to find the information that you need.

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Types of Loans

  1. Secured vs Unsecured – These types of loans are based on the types of risks that both parties are willing to take. It also depends on your credit history and your credit scores. The better history and scores that you have the better loans that you could get.

Secured loans are ones that are secured with some sort of collateral. This collateral should be worth at least what you are borrowing. Unsecured loans are those that don’t require any collateral. Usually, if you have better credit, you could get an unsecured loan. 

  1. Debt Consolidation Loans – With debt consolidation loans you should pay off all your other debts with just one loan. You will have just one payment and one interest rate instead of several. These loans can help you save money each month. 

You could use debt consolidation to pay off credit cards or any other advances that you might have. They are just another type of unsecured personal loans. It will help you to simplify your finances and your life.

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  1. Personal Loans – There are secured and unsecured personal loans that can be used for anything. The lender does not tell you what you should use the money for. These are usually used for home remodeling, vacations, and car repairs. 

The interest rates on these loans depend on your credit history, just as other loans do. The interest rates are usually between six percent and thirty-six percent. The minimum credit score is usually around 560. These can be different depending on the lender. 

  1. Auto – Of course, this advance is one that is used to by an automobile. They are usually given to you by auto dealers. Sometimes, these loans are then sold off to other lenders. This usually doesn’t affect your loan or payments at all. 

Auto advances can have interest rates as high as fourteen percent and as low as zero for at least a year. The lower rates are usually special offers and only last a little while. You could usually have a term of up to eighty-four months. These rates and terms all depend on the lender.

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  1. Student – These are for students who are going to college or university. There are two different types for students. One is backed by the federal government and the other is private. Both are used to pay for tuition, room and board, and other college expenses. 

Federal loans are better than private ones because the interest rates are lower and there are better terms. They also have the ability to have different payment methods. You could also put off payments through deference or forbearance in some cases. 

  1. Mortgages – Mortgages are secured loans that are used to buy homes. They are given by banks, credit unions, and online lenders. There are some that are backed by the government and some that are private. As with student loans, mortgages that are backed by the government have more advantages. 

A mortgage is secured by your home, and you might lose your home if you fail to make your monthly payments. You don’t want to lose your home, so it is very important to make those payments on time. If you are having problems making those payments, call your lender to explain what is going on. They can sometimes avoid foreclosing on your home if you speak to them. 

  1. Balloon Mortgage – This is another type of mortgage that you might use to buy a home. This type of mortgage has very low payments or no payments at all for a short period of time. Once this time is over, you are expected to make a balloon payment. This means that you might be expected to pay off the balance after that time. 

Sometimes balloon payments can be a portion of the mortgage and then you will begin making payments. This is not a wise way to purchase a home unless you are only planning on having the home for a very short period of time. It could also be good if you are waiting to get another mortgage when the balloon payment is due. 

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  1. Home Equity – This type is one you could get after you own your home. Equity is the difference between the amount of money that your home is worth minus what you have paid for your home. You might use this equity to borrow money for almost any reason.

These are good for home remodeling, debt consolidation, or major medical bills, among other things. As with a mortgage, your home is used for collateral for this advance. It will be foreclosed on if you fail to make your payments. You need to be careful to make those payments on time, so you don’t lose your home. 

  1. VA Loans – These are loans for veterans and their families. They can be used for many things but are usually used to buy homes. The Veterans Administration guarantees the advance: They are essentially the co-signer for the advance. 

The money for this advance comes from a bank and not the VA itself. You can get higher loan amounts with lower interest rates. Of course, this also depends on your credit scores and credit history. 

  1. Small Business – These are for those people who want to start a small business. You can get some of these from the Small Business Administration. They offer different options depending on what your needs are. They can also help you to expand your business. 

Since these loans are given by the SBA, there are many things that you need to do to qualify. You may even need to show them a business plan so that they can see what you are planning on doing with the money. It is not that difficult to write a small business plan and it doesn’t have to be long – it can be as simple as one page.

  1. Refinance – These can be used to refinance almost anything of value. You can refinance your home, your car, credit cards, student advances, and many other things. You can do this when you are having issues with your payments and want to get back to paying on time. You can also do this to get lower interest rates and other fees. 

Refinancing means that you will take out a new loan to pay off one that you already have. As mentioned above, you should only do this if you can get a lower interest rate or when it is absolutely necessary. You want to save money when you refinance.

  1. Cash Advance – A cash advance comes from your credit card. You can usually borrow a portion of your limit up to the entire limit. You can get your money from an ATM, by going to the bank, or by writing a check to your credit card company. You can use this for any purpose that you want. 

Cash advances may have higher interest rates than just using your credit card for purchasing items. You need to be careful about how much you take because it can influence your interest rates and other fees. You want to take just what you need. 


There are many types of consumer loans that you can take out. They can all help you out for different reasons. You can buy just about everything with a loan including homes and cars. There are loans that are for specific reasons and others for anything you want. 

By Grace