If you aim for a healthy lifestyle, you must check on many things, including diet and sleep. For your body to function normally, you need to aim for about eight hours of sleep every night. However, this may be challenging if you are experiencing insomnia, a common problem among adults.

You can do plenty of things to ensure you get enough sleep, such as avoiding caffeine during evening hours. Also, try exercising and limiting your screen time before bedtime.

Although all these can help improve your sleeping habits, you can try using Cannabis strains which aid in treating insomnia by interacting with the endocannabinoid system in your body. As a result, it will help your body to regulate physiological processes like the sleep-wake cycle.

Notably, the effectiveness of cannabis on sleep depends on factors such as the dosage and the strain used. Below are the best nighttime Cannabis strains that will help you get enough sleep;

1. Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is an Indica Landrace Strain mainly grown in Pakistan’s mountainous areas. The strain can also thrive in dry, warm environments making it easier to be planted in various areas due to its high resistance to unfavorable environmental conditions. It consists of above-average THC levels and a small percentage of CBD.

The strain is suitable for individuals with sleep issues since it can let your mind relax quickly and helps relieve any stress you may be feeling. Besides, the strain has sedating effects, allowing users to sleep for several hours. Moreover, the strain helps treat anxiety and pain, which may result in insomnia.

There are different ways of consuming the strain including through vaping, which is simple. You can purchase suitable vape gears from thekindpen.com that will help you enjoy the full benefits of the strain. Users can access different gears, making experimenting with something of their taste and preference easier.

2. Pure Indica Feminized

If you are looking for a strain that will have you heavily sedated, then Pure Indica Feminized is a suitable choice.

The strain ensures your mind and body relax for several hours, creating a euphoric experience. Also, it boosts your feeling-good hormones that will uplift your spirits until you sleep.

Medical patients can use this strain to relieve pain and anxiety due to its high THC levels. Notably, the strain has a fruity flavor, making it easier for beginners to try. Also, users can take it several times a day without feeling uncomfortable.

3. Granddaddy Purple Feminized

The Granddaddy Purple is the ideal choice if you are looking for physical and mental relaxation before going to sleep. Medical patients use this strain due to its potent effects, like inducing sleep and improving sleep quality. Also, the strain consists of a powerful cerebral buzz with sedating effects due to its high THC levels.

Users can easily grow the strain since they are easily managed but sensitive to environmental changes. It would be best to grow them in humid and warm regions. You do not have to spend much on farming since the Granddaddy Purple Feminized is resistant to diseases and pests.

4. Northern Lights Feminized

Stress and depression adversely affect your physical and mental health, resulting in a lack of sleep. Northern Lights is a strain that aids in eliminating stress and depression, which leaves you relaxed and you can get enough sleep.

The strain consists of 18% THC making it highly potent and can be effective sedation results for all its users. Notably, you can grow the strain both in an indoor or outdoor setup, and they will produce high yields.

However, you must prune the plants regularly to ensure they have enough airflow and light penetration. The plant will begin flowering after seven weeks and produce several buds. 

5. Blue Cheese Feminized

It is common to experience muscle spasms and tension that may interfere with your sleeping schedule.

Blue cheese relieves muscle spasms and tension that help users remain in a deep state of relaxation for many hours, even while experiencing pain. Also, it induces sleep within a few minutes after consumption.

The strain consists of 19% THC and 2% CBD, making it a suitable therapeutic option. Users can easily grow it since it requires minimal attention and has fewer expenses. Besides, Blue Cheese Feminized is resilient to diseases and pests and thrives in a cool and dry environment.

It is essential to prune the plants regularly to increase your yields. Notably, the strain will flower within eight weeks and produce buds, which you can decide to sell or consume.


Lack of sleep may be fatal if not treated properly. There are different kinds of exercises you can try out while using the strains listed above to make you fall asleep fast.

Notably, you should inform your doctor if you are using Cannabis products to treat chronic insomnia; they will guide you on what other things you can use to make the treatment effective.

If you want to grow the strain for commercial or personal uses, research important factors such as the duration it takes to flower and when you should harvest the product. Also, you must know the products you need to use to get good yields.

By Grace