Before getting to specific betting tips, let’s briefly learn about Draw No Bet. Basically, Draw No Bet (DNB) is an option you can choose in European odds; its nature is quite similar to the ball odds in Asian odds. This means that if you play DNB and the match ends in a draw, the house will return the bet to the player. This bet on 22Bet login often takes place in sports such as basketball, football,… or other sports with three outcomes: win, draw, or lose. In short, when playing Draw No Bet, you only need to choose one of two teams to win or lose. If the result is a draw, the house will refund the bet.

 Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of DNB

Not in a hurry to get to the betting tips for this type of bet? Let’s learn more about its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of this type of bet is that it helps players easily make choices without needing too much in-depth analysis but still has many chances to win. Its disadvantage is that if the player chooses the upper team, the winning rate is often low. The larger the difference between the two teams, the lower the winning percentage of the upper team.

Because of the above disadvantage, the DNB bet is rarely chosen by players in tournaments that take place annually and throughout the year. However, Draw No Bet will prove to be very reasonable if you choose to participate in betting on Cup tournaments, especially Euro, WC, etc. The reason is that in these tournaments, the difference between the upper and lower doors and the bottom door is usually small and difficult to predict. On a nice day, it is not too surprising that Switzerland can defeat Italy or that Wales defeats England. That makes it very difficult for the house to give a winning rate, so even if you choose the upper bet, you can still receive a reasonable bonus.

How to play DNB odds to make money

So we have a brief understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of DNB odds and also partly know why DNB odds are suitable for you to make money from major Cup tournaments. However, below I will still mention betting tips with DNB odds so you can understand them as clearly as possible. There are only three basic things to remember:

  • Select matches with different levels for analysis. See the win rate and head-to-head difference between the two teams. Usually in national championship tournaments or national cups. Then the teams will have a fairly clear separation in force correlation. The odds of the bottom winning in exchange for the top are there, but not high. When choosing a match with a difference in strength, a draw will be less likely. And betting on a strong team will make it easier to win.
  • Along with that, it is necessary to clearly evaluate the many factors that affect the match results, such as the performance of the two teams, the force situation, injuries, goals, current motivation, etc. For example, in the match between England and Germany, according to Normally, this is a difficult match to predict, but assuming Germany is in a crisis of strength and performance is not good, you should play Draw No Bet on England. At this time, the England team is of course considered the favorite, but the odds of winning will still be very large because Germany may still get a draw. Therefore, when choosing England in the DNB bet, you will have a chance to win big but still have a certain level of safety.
  • Carefully analyze the odds and rates that many different bookmakers offer before the match to find the most effective draw-no-bet niche. If possible, you should combine betting with ball betting. Analyze similar bets to give an overview, such as over/under bets, bets on the team to score first, etc. Can be distributed among the bets to avoid risks, and increase the profit of the bet.

In short, betting experience suggests that Draw No Bet is very suitable for players who want to keep their money safe, and is especially suitable for unpredictable matches. When participating in this bet, you only have 1 out of 3 chances to lose the bet, which means the loss rate is 33.33%. Usually, the odds of winning money in Draw No Bet are not as high as in other popular bets, but the safety is more guaranteed. I hope you will always win with your choice.

By Grace