In a busy schedule, it is sometimes hard to find time for exercise, even realising its essential impact on health and well-being. Fatigue and laziness often force you to choose a cosy sofa instead of sneakers and dampness outside. Modern fitness technologies can help you develop sports skills by influencing not consciousness but the dopamine system!

Dopamine is a hormone that has allowed humanity to deceive laziness and find motivation for development for centuries. Our body releases it as a reward for completing a task and improves well-being and mood. Sport promotes the release of dopamine in itself. However, today, there are many more triggers for the production of this magical hormone. So motivation is needed even to start training!

Fitness innovations are being developed to promote dopamine production by:

• visualisation of the result,

• gamification,

• attracting social networks,

• creating internal user ratings,

• personalised tasks.

Below, you will learn about the best personal fitness gadgets, which boost your motivation and help you develop a regular workout habit!

Run An Empire

This gaming application is a London fitness startup launched in 2014, which continues to develop and attract more and more users. The game is currently available in the UK and New Zealand. With Run An Empire, running has been transformed from a monotonous, tiresome activity into a fun adventure like Pokemon GO. But instead of walking, you need to cover distances by jogging. Develop an empire from primitive to cosmic times and capture other users’ castles while moving in the real world!

Stop limiting yourself to your residence place! Find new adventures in different parts of the country, combining travel with sports. Consider renting a car from and build an empire in the countryside or another city. It’s more fun to play with friends, so considering a group travel car hire would be a good option. Renting a 7 seater van hire will allow you to travel in one group and take other sports equipment to diversify your pastime.


Rowing is an ideal type of cardio training, according to experts, since the load on the body is uniform. Rowing uses more than 85% of the muscles and is a comprehensive workout.

Hydrow is an innovative home gym technology for rowing with display. Professional athletes accompany your workouts online or recorded. You also get the opportunity to travel from Rio to Tuscany, forgetting that you are at home. In addition to using the machine, there are Pilates classes to improve your skills. Such workouts captivate and force you to return to the simulator almost daily.

Tangram Skipping Rope

Jumping rope has long ceased to be a pastime for little girls and is now considered one of the best cardio workouts. However, such training is very tiring. Often, an ordinary jump rope gathers dust in the closet for years after a couple of training sessions, waiting for your next burst of motivation.

UK home workout tech like Tangram Skipping Rope allows you to track the number of jumps in real-time, thanks to the built-in led-tape. The smart jump rope also communicates with an application on your phone. It allows you to count burned calories and compete with other users. For extra motivation, there is a points system for training.

Sit2Go Fitness Chair

A sedentary lifestyle is fraught with impaired blood circulation and lymph outflow, as well as curvature of the spine. But what to do if your busy schedule does not allow you to leave your workplace, even at home?

There is a solution, and its name is Sit2Go Fitness Chair. This smart home gym equipment looks funny: an office chair on wheels with bicycle pedals. Avoid rushing to judge by first impression! This device can provide you with a great workout without leaving your computer. You can pedal even at a meeting or conference without giving yourself away.

This device is an opportunity to transform yourself without setting aside separate time for training. Results are visualised in miles and calories burned. The Sit2Go Fitness Chair will also allow you to optimise your space without installing an additional machine!


Fitness innovations for personal workouts make training enjoyable and even long-awaited. By keeping your brain occupied while exercising, you stop noticing fatigue and get the variety you need instead of routine.

Home exercise equipment is a valuable investment. But remember the benefits of outdoor training. Test your skills in real life and change a picture! For example, consider affordable car hire in Birmingham and start riding a real bike or rowing in nature, recharging yourself with new impressions and motivation.

By Grace