The Covid-19 lockdowns showed us how essential social connection is. When being connected with others, we will feel accepted in the community. This sense of attachment can affect our overall health positively. However, as people get older, they often lack social engagements due to various life changes. Loss of social ties frequently leads to solitary living, which can negatively impact the elderly’s physical and psychological well-being. Therefore, engaging in active communication with the senior is highly recommended. If you are limited on time to do it, this article will point out how home care services can help improve the social life of your elderly loved one.

  • Attending social activities

Caregivers are usually well-informed about local social events suitable for older participants. The activities encourage the participants to get involved in physical activities and engage with other participants. They can help identify which activities meet the interests of the elders and are relevant to them. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that your parents will enjoy gatherings that fit their preferences. 

  • Organising social activities

If you want a specific experience created for your elderly loved one, you can also rely on caregivers to arrange special social gatherings. They can send invitations to your parents’ contact book and organise fun activities, like board games and dancing events. The caregiver will ensure that all guests are entertained and happy, especially your elderly loved one. 

  • Encouraging them to go out of the house

No matter how comfortable a home is, sometimes you need to leave for a short while and breathe fresh air from the outside. It is also applicable to the seniors. It won’t have any good influence on them if they remain in their room for a long period. Using home care services doesn’t necessarily mean that the caregiver’s work only revolves inside the house. You can also count on them to take your parents outside to breathe some fresh air in the nearest park and meet their friends, or to bring them for a routine doctor visit in the hospital. 

  • Becoming a day-to-day friend

In some cases, your elder might struggle with mobility limitations, so they can only spend most of their time at home. When you hire a professional home care assistant, not only can they assist with the senior’s daily needs, but they also become their companion. They can enjoy fun home activities together like morning tea time, movie night, or even just having small conversations about the good old days.

Now you have discovered some examples of how caregivers foster social connection among elders. To take care of your elder, do not hesitate to call for additional help from a home care provider who can be on standby anytime to support your parents. The caregiver will accompany your senior as well as give them emotional comfort, so they won’t suffer from the detrimental effects of loneliness. 

By Grace