If you have been in a motorcycle accident, recovery from the injuries you sustained can take months or even years. During the recovery period, financial pressures can spike while you should pay for medical treatment and cannot go to work. Because of this, you want to file a motorcycle accident claim with the help of a motorcycle accident attorney, so you can get monetary compensation for your injuries and related damages. The compensation you may receive can cover your medical care costs and lost wages, reducing the pressure and stress you deal with. The amount of compensation you may receive depends on some factors. 

Factors that Influence Your Possible Compensation

Every claim is unique, so there is no specific amount of compensation you may get from your claim. The following are factors that influence your claim’s outcome:

  • Insurance coverage. Motorcycle riders in Wisconsin should carry insurance for their vehicle and should meet the state’s minimum coverage requirements. You cannot claim damages that result from a motorcycle accident under your car insurance policy. The amount of compensation you may receive depends on the available coverage in your policy. 
  • Motorcyclist liability. Insurance companies will determine who is responsible for an accident to figure out the settlement amount. In the state, you must not be 51% at fault for the accident to recover damages. The amount you may be awarded will be based on your percentage of fault.
  • Safety gear. Motorcycle riders in the state over 18 are not required to wear protective gear or a helmet. However, whether or not you were wearing protective gear can affect your claim. without such gear, the insurance company can assign you some liability for your injuries. If this occurs, you may get a reduced compensation amount. 
  • Injuries. The kind and seriousness of your injuries will impact your compensation amount. This amount is calculated according to acute medical care and long-term care costs. 

Overcoming Motorcycle Bias

You should know that insurers, motorists, law enforcement officers, and even judges can have negative biases towards people who ride motorcycles. They often assume that motorcycle riders are rebellious and reckless and do not follow road rules and safety laws. Also, they may associate riders with gangs or lawbreakers who tend to drive their motorcycles beyond the speed limit.  

Thankfully, a motorcycle accident attorney can help you overcome these biases. They are aware of the common tactics that insurers use for denying claims and the biases that might affect claim decisions. They can guide you through each step of the claim process, so you can avoid making mistakes that may harm your claim. 

By Grace