They say, ‘clear space, clear mind’. There is already a whirlwind of chaos outside the world, so much so that we really cannot afford to live with the similar feeling inside our homes too. To live an organised and clutter-free life, what we all need is a mother of pearl chest of drawers that not only serve as a functional unit but also as a statement piece that never fails to add elegance and sophistication to any space. The timeless beauty and skilled craftsmanship of inlay work make this product worthy of all the attention and love. This ancient technique of inlay is carried out by artisans using the iridescent shells of mollusks wherein they cut and delicately paste the pieces to the intricate designs carved on the wooden surface.

From featuring an intricate design to  a delicate finish, this versatile addition to your home will reflect your unique decor choices and preferences. This treasure trove can be used in multiple ways in your living space. Whether you want to store your clothing items, grooming essentials or electronic devices, a mother of pearl chest works wonders if utilised properly. 

In this post, we will explore the ways to make the most of this accent piece. This read will surely help you maximise the functionality of a mother of pearl drawers while exuding its inherent grace and charm with its presence.  

Let’s throw some light on the uses and benefits of  mother of pearl cabinet:

Apparels Storage 

The mother of pearl inlay chest of drawers is highly useful in storing clothing items in a systematic way. Getting pissed on a missing pair of socks is a thing of the past. Now, you will have a separate storage for socks, handkerchiefs, ties, undergarments so that they don’t get mixed with other apparels in your wardrobe. Arrange them properly in the drawers and use dividers or organisers to separate different types of items. You can even label these drawers to find your items even more conveniently. 

Daily-Wear Accessories or Jewellery 

Do you often struggle to find that ideal pair of earrings to match with your party dress? Buy a mother of pearl cabinet with spacious drawers that can help you house all your trinkets, earrings, bangles, bracelets, rings, necklaces in a designated place without getting entangled. You may find excellent jewellery boxes with dividers, trays, or small containers that can help you keep every style or type of accessory separately. 

Keepsakes and Souvenirs 

If you are an avid traveller, then you would surely need a storage space to keep your collectibles, souvenirs, and objets d’art. Don’t rely on ordinary pieces of storage as you would want something as special as your memorabilia. Buy mother of pearl chest of drawers online from an authentic store with a huge collection for you to choose from. Make sure you make an informed purchase decision after considering your available space and existing decor preferences. 

Grooming Essentials 

You can make good use of this furniture unit as a mother of pearl dresser and place it in your bedroom or a designated dressing area. Store your cosmetics and hair styling tools in an organised way so that you never have to struggle while getting ready for work, party, or a casual outing with friends. In addition, its charismatic presence featuring intricate designs will add a touch of luxury and royalty to the ambience, ensuring that grooming never looks like a self-care routine but a moment of pleasure and valuing yourself. 

Bedding Essentials

Every home has some extra pillow covers, bedsheets, blankets, and linens, but their storage is a real pain in the neck. If you too find it tough to make space for these essentials in a bed box or closets, then buy a mother of pearl cabinet right away. Fold linens neatly to optimise space and prevent excessive wrinkling.

Living Room Storage Solution

Making first impressions isn’t difficult anymore as you’ve got the best storage solution for storing remote controls, coasters, napkins, magazines, keys, and other things that you may find cluttering the center table or sofa set in your living room. Utilise smaller compartments or containers to keep items organised and easily accessible. In addition, these cabinet doors hide away all the items, ensuring that nothing is visible to your guests. 

Office Supplies

The best part about a mother of pearl chest of drawers is that it looks great in both- residential apartments and commercial spaces as well. Their timeless presence enlivens the interiors of any type of decor theme and design. You can choose the colour and design of your choice to complement the existing decor.  If you have set up a home office, then keep your things like documents, files, stationery items like pens, paper clips, and notepads in the drawers systematically. By keeping the office ambience organised, you will surely be able to infuse more creativity and productivity to your work. 

Dining Essentials

Are there any dinnerware or cutleries you want to store for easy access especially when you have guests for lunch or dinner? You must buy a mother of pearl chest to house all these essential items which may break easily if not handled or kept properly. You can even get the cabinet customised in accordance with your storage requirements. Besides offering storage solutions, this chest of drawers will surely be the focal point of the room, leaving all your guests mesmerised with its ethereal grace and charm. 

Fulfilling Decorative Purposes

Simplifying home decor ideas, you can use the top surface of the chest to showcase interesting artefacts, a canvas art print, a family photograph, a beautiful flower vase, a lamp, etc. Avoid placing objects which are too heavy directly on the surface without using any placemats or pads as they can cause scratches or damage the finish of inlay work. 

To keep these treasures looking their best for several years, make sure you regularly dust and clean the chest using a soft, damp cloth and preserve its beauty and shine.

How to Style a Mother of Pearl Cabinet for Refined Interiors?

Styling a mother of pearl chest of drawers can elevate the aesthetics of your home while showcasing its unique beauty. Here’s how you can style it effectively:

Pay Attention to Its Placement: Make sure you choose a location that doesn’t have any other furniture unit placed nearby. This chest looks incredible when it stands alone without getting overpowered by the existing furniture units or vice versa. 

Decorate the Wall Behind the Chest: As you will always install the chest in front of a wall, make sure you decorate the wall with a nice wall art or an embellished mirror to add depth and brightness to the space. 

Final words…

A statement furniture blended with practical storage and exquisite craftsmanship, a chest of drawers will redefine the interior design standards. Get ready to breathe royalty and opulence as this product will always make you feel like a king or queen of the bygone era. Enjoy the functionality and aesthetic appeal of this product and always remember to buy it from a reliable furniture store in India. Choose Luxury Handicrafts and explore its collection to find a piece that will grace your home with functionality and beauty.  

By Grace