The perfect swimming goggles make your swim comfortable and allow you to enjoy your swim. However, getting the right goggles (the right fit and tint) is only a part of the job, and you must know how to maintain the goggles. Although most swim goggles are made up of materials like polycarbonate and they are quite hardy accidental scratches must be avoided at all costs. 

What To Do And Avoid For Maintaining Your Goggles 

Most new users do not know how to take care of their swim gear, including their goggles. So, if you are purchasing swimming goggles from reputable swimming goggles manufacturers do ask for a warranty and for good use practices. This blog post will give you tips on handling your swimming goggles and making them last longer.

Some Dont’s When It Comes To Your Swimming Goggles 

Do Not Touch Your Glasses

It is best to avoid touching the goggles’ lens at all costs. Even an unintentional touch can transfer oil and dirt from your fingertips to the goggles. Any oil or dirt that is deposited on the lenses will reduce clarity. Sometimes you may not touch your goggles, but other objects from your swimming bag may come in contact with your goggles and leave scratch marks. So, placing your swimming goggles inside a protective case is always advisable whenever you are not wearing them. 

Avoiding Fogging

Fogging or clouding happens due to condensation on the glasses. Fogging severely impacts the clarity. So it is always advisable to wear the goggles when they are dry. However, you can purchase an anti-fog spray to clean your lenses if there is accidental fogging. Using an anti-fog spray is pretty straightforward. You just need to spray a little bit of the spray in one corner of the lens and then gently wipe it off with tissue paper that does not leave any residue. 

Do Not Damage The Straps

The straps hold the swimming glasses tightly against your face. It is a no-brainer that a strap with tears or holes in it will affect the fit of the goggles. The straps get damaged if the glasses are worn in a hurry. So, every time you wear the goggles, wear them patiently. Straps also get damaged while cleaning the goggles. So, if possible, detach the strap from the lens and clean them separately. Simply dip the strap in soap solution and rinse gently so that the soap residues come off without damaging the strap itself. 

What To Do With Your Swimming Goggles

Buy A Goggle That Comes With An Anti-Fog Coating

Some goggle manufacturers coat the lens with an anti-fog solution. This layer prevents fog formation, so it is best to buy such goggles if you do not wish to clean and remove fogging repeatedly. 


Maintaining your swimming goggles is as important as buying them. So, always wear your goggles patiently, try to keep the lens clean, and avoid fogging as much as possible. Also, clean goggles after a few rounds of use so as to improve underwater visibility.

By Grace