In previous articles, Winmasters app shared the method of calculating score ratios to help you have a smooth soccer betting process. However, this method has the disadvantage of not distinguishing between the different stages of each team. Wins at the opponent’s field last week or at the beginning of the season are awarded the same 3 points. And everyone knows that every team has ups and downs throughout the season. To overcome this drawback, you can refer to the performance measurement method below.

First of all, the betting guide will share that after comparing predicted results with actual results from 700 matches in important national championships, researchers draw the conclusion that 4 or 6 recent matches are the chance. unified preferences to assess the performance of upcoming teams. That is why we often see the section “results of the last 6 (or 4) matches” on websites when looking for information related to each team before matches. The meaning of an even number of matches (4 or 6, not 3 or 5), is that teams usually have an equal number of home and opponent matches in that series. Must see the results of 4 or more matches because if we only watch 2 matches, we can be fooled by pure surprises. If you watch 8 or more matches, the old matches are too old and are no longer suitable to make comments on performance.

In short, to have a smooth soccer betting process, we must first understand that we should only check the performance in the last 6 or 4 matches. After having the results of the last 4 or 6 matches, we score each team according to a scale: a draw at home (denoted as HD) gets 1 point; a draw on the opponent’s field (AD) gets 2 points; a win at home (HW) gets 3 points; winning on the opponent’s field (AW) gets 5 points; losing at home (HL) or the opponent’s field (AL) gets 0 points. Adding it all up, we have each team’s “form score.” The higher the score, the higher the chance of success.

Suppose Aston Villa has the results of the last 4 matches: HW, AD, HW, and AL. Everton has results: AW, HL, AW, HL. According to the usual scoring method, Aston Villa got 7 points (2 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss) in the last 4 matches, and Everton got 6 points (2 wins, 2 losses). But according to the above formula, Everton gets 10 points (2 wins at the opponent’s field), while Villa only gets 8 points (2 wins at home, 1 draw at the opponent’s field). We conclude that Everton is stronger.

This is an effective way to check your performance and help you have a smooth soccer betting process. With this way of looking at performance, the strengths and weaknesses of a team in recent times are clarified extremely clearly. You can combine it with the methods we have shared to get the most accurate assessment for yourself.

However, you also need to note that you should not apply too many different methods that overlap. On the contrary, you should only apply a few methods and need to systematize them if you want to have a smooth soccer betting process. If you find this difficult, it’s better to only apply one method.

By Grace