Tieks CEO Kfir Gavrieli does things differently than many other fashion entrepreneurs. When it comes to his brand’s ballet flats, the distinction is clear: Tieks is a direct-to-consumer company, catering to fashionistas and comfort seekers alike by delivering high-quality, foldable flats in an array of patterns and prints, all constructed from Italian leather and built with internal padding. The result? Shoes that are both stylish, wearable and of the highest quality—a rare combination in the world of women’s footwear.

As a philanthropist, Gavrieli also wants to stand out from the crowd. Instead of giving to a wide variety of causes. In fact, Gavrieli has made it clear that “supporting women and underserved communities is at the core of Tieks’ ethos.” And, thanks to the tremendous fan following that’s developed around the brand’s beloved ballet flats, he’s able to do so in ways that are incredibly impactful for all the beneficiaries of Tieks’ corporate giving

Styling for a Cause

Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Tieks team decided to auction off several pairs of limited-edition styles to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees. Since the special releases typically sell out in the Boutiek within minutes, Kfir Gavrieli took the opportunity to raise close to $90,000 for the cause, with one pair of Tieks selling for more than $6,500!

Tieks ballet flats are certainly high-end purchases, but most pairs retail for between $185 and $345. So, how could one pair of flats be worth so much more, even to a philanthropically minded purchaser? The answer appears to lie in the close-knit community that has formed around so many women’s mutual love of Tieks.

Friendship, Fashion and Philanthropy

How can one explain the need for so many Tieks lovers to collect these flats in multiple colorways? Lovers of this shoe understand that the brand is about more than just stylish footwear. Setting the tone for the company, Gavrieli clearly cares about uplifting women—whether he’s providing them with stylish and comfortable footwear or supporting female entrepreneurs in underserved communities via the Kiva platform.  The result? Women support his brand too—if the 46,000 plus-member Tieks Anonymous Facebook group is any indication.

With 50 plus posts each day informing group members of everything from new color releases to special events, like the hatching of the House of Gavrieli Ember Tieks—not to mention brand-endorsed charitable giving opportunities—this community of Tieks lovers is a symbol of a bigger brand truth. As Kfir Gavrieli has expressed, he feels a tremendous responsibility to leverage success in the fashion world to lift up women around the globe. But he doesn’t want to do it alone. Instead, he’s called on so many others—from Tieks lovers to competing fashion brands and CEOs around the globe—to make more of an effort, and more of a difference. Gavrieli said, “We need to come together—businesses, nonprofits, governments, and everyday people of all backgrounds and political affiliations. Every single person should be asking: what can I do to help?”

By Grace