Treadmills and Cross trainers stand as gym staples, often occupied due to their effectiveness in providing a great cardio workout. Deciding between a treadmill and a cross trainer involves considering various factors. While both excel at improving fitness, each has unique benefits, and understanding their differences is crucial for making the right choice.

Both machines offer distinct perks, but the optimal choice depends on your fitness goals, physical requirements, and preferences. Whether you’re contemplating which machine to dedicate your time to during your upcoming gym session or considering a purchase for your home gym, our blog post aims to guide you in making an informed decision.

Understanding Treadmills

A treadmill is one of the most common pieces of fitness equipment, typically found in nearly every commercial gym or home. They offer an efficient means to burn calories, enhance cardiovascular fitness, and build lower body strength. Treadmills provide an excellent cardio workout, primarily emphasising engaging the lower body muscles.

Understanding Cross Trainers

Similar to treadmills, a cross trainer or an elliptical is commonly found in gyms or homes. It is a versatile fitness equipment that simultaneously engages the lower and upper body. This equipment mimics a running motion while incorporating arm movements. The design features footrests and handles for pushing and pulling, ensuring your feet remain on the rests and minimising impact on knee joints. Cross trainers provide a low-impact, cardio workout, promoting weight loss and muscle building.

Treadmill vs Cross Trainer: Settling the Debate

If you’ve specific requirements and find yourself undecided between a treadmill or cross trainer, the following section will cover the various factors and provide recommendations tailored to each, assisting you in making a well-informed decision.

  • Burning Calories

If your sole focus is maximising calorie burn hourly, the treadmill slightly takes the lead. However, if you aim to burn calories while actively engaging upper body muscles, the cross trainer emerges as the winner.

A treadmill is ideal if you already have other equipment for upper body exercises. Contrastingly, if you lack such equipment, the comprehensive full-body workout provided by a cross trainer is likely the more beneficial option.

  • Impact on Joints

The cross trainer is undoubtedly the superior choice for those prioritising joint health, especially if dealing with pain or aiming to prevent future issues. Its fluid motion and design ensure minimal joint impact, providing a safer and more comfortable exercise experience. 

This makes the cross trainer an ideal option for individuals seeking joint-friendly workouts without compromising on the effectiveness of their fitness routine.

  • Variety in Workout

Both machines provide variety through resistance, speed, and incline, making them comparable. However, a notable difference is that cross trainers effortlessly allow users to move backwards, targeting calves and quad muscles instead of hamstrings and glutes. 

While walking backwards on a treadmill is possible, it’s more straightforward on a cross trainer. This added versatility makes the cross trainer preferred for diversifying muscle engagement during their workouts.

  • Price

While the price difference between cross trainers and treadmills isn’t substantial, treadmills generally tend to be slightly more expensive due to the added cost of the electric motor. It’s essential to consider the higher energy consumption of a treadmill compared to a cross trainer. If you’re conscious of the treadmill machine price and looking to save a bit, cross trainers are the more economical choice.

Final Words

Both treadmills and cross trainers are comparable regarding potential calories burned and weight/fat loss, providing excellent workout benefits. Both machines contribute to fat burning when combined with a solid nutrition plan. Consider your needs, abilities, and preferences to determine the right fit. 

With a comprehensive understanding of both machines, you’re well-prepared to purchase now. Presently, prominent Indian fitness brands like provide top-notch treadmills and cross trainers at budget-friendly rates, aiming to bring fitness to most homes across India.

By Grace