Since time immemorial man has always been on the move. The spirit of adventure is deeply ingrained in our DNA and when an opportunity presents itself none of us can hesitate given the right circumstances. Cars have made traveling faster and easier over time. Being the most convenient mode of transportation, most people have grown to prefer them.

Cars come in different categories and choosing one to use will depend on your needs and preferences. For large groups, a larger car and this case a van will be the most ideal. Vans come in different sizes depending on the number of passengers they can accommodate. The most common ones in the USA are the 9-passenger and 12-passenger vans.

The good news is that you don’t have to buy one to be able to enjoy the services. There are many companies where you can rent a cheap car in the USA. To know where to rent 9 passenger vans or 12-seater cars cheaply visit and compare prices from the different car rental agencies available to get the best deal for yourself.

There are more benefits associated with getting a 9 seater car rental van as compared to smaller cars more so when you are in a larger group. Let’s look at some of these benefits.

It’s cheaper

When you choose the rental option it will always be cheaper to use a van because of the number of people it can accommodate. Using a smaller car will require you to use two or three cars to be able to accommodate the whole group. The cost in terms of rental costs and gas costs will be considerably higher than using one van.

Large storage

Vans come with large storage when compared to other conventional cars. You can squeeze in more luggage which is a plus for any traveler keen on leaving nothing behind. With the large cargo area, you can purchase stuff on the road and still find some space to store it. 

Ample space

Vans come with ample space which is an important factor for any trip. There is enough legroom and headroom to make you comfortable. Ample space also contributes to good aeration. This adds to the overall good feel of comfortability.

Easy to embark and disembark

The presence of an aisle and the sliding doors make the movement in and out of a van easy. In situations where you park in tight spots, it is also easy to enter or exit the car thanks to their doors. The two doors at the back also make it easy to put in luggage or take it out.

Keeps the group together

Whether for a road trip or even a working trip, the whole group is kept together. For a road trip, this makes it even more fun as you can bond and enjoy breathtaking sights together. For a job trip, colleagues can take advantage and compare notes on work-related stuff while still on the road.


When traveling in a large group, a van is a natural and suitable option. You can either use yours or rent one. But with the many benefits of car rental, it is always the best alternative when you decide to hit the road.

Vans have many benefits too, some of which have been discussed in this article. For large parties, they are the best option. Next time you are traveling with friends or colleagues, consider a van and shop for one from the many car rental companies in the USA.

By Grace